Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
sugarfi (482)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended towards anyone particular, and I do not mean to offend anyone.
Cycles are not the point of is designed to be a collaborative IDE where people share their code and get help with it. Sure, it's nice to get upvotes and have people like your code, but that is not the point of the site What is especially not the point of the site is for people to beg for cycles and celebrate getting more of them. This is not Youtube! Cycles are supposed to be a measure of how much people like your code, not how good you are at begging for them. Unfortunately, it seems like this is what is happening. Just today, over half of the repls on trending and hot were cycle specials. Not to say that community is a bad thing. The community is a really great group of people, who are capable of writing great code. Cycles are meant to reflect that: people write good code, other people like it, and the cycles just measure how many good projects you have made. But then things like "tHiS iS mY 1500 cYcLe SpEcIaL pLeAsE uPvOtE" come and mess up the whole system. Cycles on have no meaning, really: it's just a unit of measurement. It's not meant to be a thing that is celebrated; you aren't meant to write code just so people will upvote it. Even just begging for upvotes on your normal posts reflects this to an extent. People should just write code to write it, and then share it if they want to. That is the whole point of As I said before, is not a place to beg and grovel for cycles just so you can have a little number next to your name go up. So please stop with cycle specials. is not the place for that, and it destroys the whole meaning of repl talk. If you want to beg for and celebrate a meaningless number, go to Youtube. But if you want to write good code and share it with others, then please take what I've written into account.
Thanks, sugarfi

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Kopamed (208)

@Bookie0 Bro you have the mindset of a goat. They see a fence, they run at it, damage their horns and continue doing it. Everybody tries their best to stop them but the goat just chooses to believe what it thinks is right and continues ramming himself against a fence. Just saying "But its fun" when someone comes up with another reason why they should not do it. I have left around 20 comments to you describing that that is begging. Other people even said it but so far you have ignored all of us and just continued ramming yourself against a wall, giving us the same two excuses every time. You say you agree with the fact that begging is bad but it's not the words which show your real attitude towards this but your actions. You just keep on begging... I really want to stop arguing with you because by this point its us giving you facts and you brushing it off as a spec of dirt every time.

(Us being me and everybody who told you hat that is begging)

Not calling you an animal or anything, just the first example of ignorance which i can think of