The 100-cycle-cyclone IS OUT!
johnstev111 (231)

Finally... Literally after 2 weeks, have I been able to release this. Boy, have I been patient. This is my cyclone game! If you've actually tried to say the name, cycle sounds like cyclone. Well, true. I also have changed my profile picture to celebrate (I did this a while back but I'm telling you now)

How to play:

Just fight the tornado. If you run away you have a 20% chance of surviving. It is possible!
All ideas welcome! That is for tornado names and items to fight the tornadoes with.
It's on github too:
Wheel, hope you enjoy!

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johnstev111 (231)

@Bookie0 Er why? If the text goes at like 10ms/letter I can't read it, even though I can read quite fast. 95ms/letter is good enough.