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Hi, guys so I just made a fully functioning social media app with loads of functionality. It took me a long time to make.
There are loads of stuff you can do like a forum - asking questions, history, search bar, favs, breadcrumbs, all users, images, blog posts, music, videos, comments, delete, edit, and many more. If there is nothing in all images, and anything, it means that it is empty. if people start uploading stuff, then it will give them. For now, everything is empty!
Upvotes would be appreciated. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


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@Bookie0 It's ok, you can register yourself as many times as you want. So don't stress over it. Also Thanks for visiting my website. Did you check out the forum, it's on the last link on the breadcrumb on all images. I don't think anyone saw that. It's not very clear...