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The results

Before we get into the results I want to say that I hate judging, and I wish everyone could get something, though no one sponsered this, and I do not have that much money lol. If I had enough, I would give participation prizes, but idk(pencil case! :D).

The actual results

  • 2nd @fuzzyastrocat! With: 24 points
    @fuzzyastrocat made a great tutorial on how to make a programming language in C. Great tutorial, I gave this one 2nd because honestly, it helped me, and it could really help other people. You can find it here

NOTE: Not saying that that CookeyLang Tutorial is bad, fuzzy's tutorial just helped people actually make a language, like cookey.

@Coder100 made a cool tutorial on his own language, you can view that here

Other participants!

I wanted to also show the AWESOME people who participated in this Tutorial Jam!

  • @JBYT27 With: 20 points
    Are you learning python? This tutorial will help(although i suggest you learn something else ;)) his amazing python tutorial
  • @KobeFF! With: 15 points
    Are you on a school computer? Well their tutorial will help you get blocked websites unblocked using repl!

  • @Squirrel777! With: 15 points
    Heya, are you new to repl.it? Then check out this great tutorial to help you get started!

uh if your too bored to read the stuff, uh, bookie0 won

I tried to give everyone one five on something(i think i succeded) and yeah.

This jam was a great time! I loved reading your tutorials, and I hope you post more(who knows...part 2?)


Ok so some of you guys think you should get a better score. This is nothing but my opion. You guys are entitled to your opion. So you can believe what you can believe.

And I am guessing, that bookie wants discord nitro since he already begged me like 10000 times

Some of you may think @fuzzyastrocat should have won.

Yes their tutorial was really really really really good. But some parts were hard to understand(readablility). Not all but some. Sorry if it was my lack of understanding stuff, but I try to look from a beginner side of view. I know that tutorial was not for beginners but I meant for beginners of language-design. Sorry if I just made a bad choice.

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elipie (323)

@Bookie0 expect it to come in 3-7 days