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Boss Fight Simulator!
Mariothedog (4)

Boss Fight Simulator is a game where you create your own boss and fight it.

You can modify the bosses type (two available at the moment, Zombie and UFO), Damage, Health and many other properties.

The game is very much a work in progress but I wanted to submit it regardless.
There are some bugs regarding Gore and some other features.

Doesn't really match the theme because I didn't even realise there was a theme until recently.

Arrow keys or WASD to move
Space/Up arrow/W to jump
Click to shoot

"p" to pause
"h" for debug mode (just shows hitboxes)

You can modify the map by changing the map2.txt file in the map folder
"-" represents empty space
"P" represents a Grass block (or platform)
"D" represents a Dirt block (Same as grass block but looks different)

You can play it here
but it is VERY glitchy and is missing sound compared to the one I made using the Python IDLE.
If you know how to fix the sound issue or make it less laggy then help is appreciated.

Much Better version:
You need the following modules:

More Pictures:

Ufo Boss