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[ Bot ] Money Game Bot - Yelentrix
RohilPatel (1457)

Hey everyone!

I made a Discord bot named Yelentrix

What does it do?

It basically is a money game; become the richest on the platform.

Collect daily rewards, answer trivia questions for a crap ton of money to win everything!!

Where can I get it?

Just look at the repl


I am on version 3.1 right now, and I plan to get out a 3.1.2 sometime next week with bug fixes for the trivia feature I made 2 days ago.

If you want to help me with anything join my server where I test (in repl itself), and if anybody has questions let me know!

@Coder100 btw I see what u did there when posting ur bot ;)

headiscoding (915)

This IS 100% the best discord bot I've ever seen. There are so many things you can do with it too. I really like this bot, and you MUST invite it to your server, because if you don't it's a sin. So do it NOW!

RohilPatel (1457)

Well pie bot doesn't give me pies 🧐 lol @elipie

elipie (323)

@RohilPatel it does tho, it actually does lmao

elipie (323)

wai wai wai wai its in discord?

RohilPatel (1457)

Do u want me to say it here or should I tell u on discord? I'll hint that I just did what u did for this post of ur bot @Coder100