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Brain F*** Text Reverser
kaldisberzins (325)

A super simple concept made complicated by an unreadable language. Takes 5 letters as an input and outputs them in reverse order. BrainF can only take one letter at a time so you have to press enter after each letter. Hope you like it!

vityavv (60)

you can just do >,>,>,>,>,[.<] lol

kaldisberzins (325)

@vityavv oh yeah, i'm stupid. I do some crazy rearrangement and then print the characters. Thanks for the suggestion.

axjag (0)

@vityavv Nice thinking, but I suppose it is kind of simple, not really something you'll think of right away, though. Anyway, this was a nice program.

hoop4life (267)

nice, I can't code in this language

subneo101 (0)

interesting approach !