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BramJam Game Jam #1 Results!
bramley (194)

Hello All!
It's been quite the 2 weeks, hasn't it? I have finally figured out the winners for the first ever BJGJ. Let me remind you of our judges:

Before I tell you guys the results, I just want to give you guys a disclaimer: please don't plagiarize. I had to disqualify 2 participants for stolen code. The unfortunate thing is that they would've taken the 2nd and 3rd places had I not caught them. Next time, please don't steal other people's hard work. You will be disqualified and become void to winning any prizes.

Now let's get into it! Drumroll please........
1st Place: @SixBeeps with "Let's Stick Together"!
2nd Place: @rediar with "Glue Factory"!
3rd Place: @mkhoi with "Survive the Forest"!

To the winners: please DM me via Discord (friend me @bruhmley#2973)/email me ([email protected]) for the prize you want and possibly shipping info. If you need a refresher on what you've won, go back to the original post (

I'd also like to apologize for the delay in results. I've been busy with ending school and I've also been lazy tbh.

With that being said, have a great summer! If you'd like to donate to me for the next BJGJ happening in August, please DM me on Discord or email me at [email protected]

Congrats and Goodbye!

SixBeeps (2572)

Everyone's invited to my celebration party in 7 months after the virus dies down

Codemonkey51 (803)

You deserved 1st good job on getting it @SixBeeps

HahaYes (1052)

@SixBeeps Good job SixBeeps! Too bad no cybertwuck

DJWang (1149)

@SixBeeps You deserved the prize!

lilykhan (131)

Congrats everyone, good job!!! <3 :D

DynamicSquid (2673)

The results came out!!!!

Congrats to the winners! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I had lots of fun! Can't wait for the next one!

Coder100 (4394)

I kind of expected me not to be on there

syflexer (467)

welp ok concrates everyone who won

mkhoi (286)

OH GOSH! I can't believe i actually got 3rd place. This is awesome!

bramley (194)

@mkhoi Congratulations! Please e-mail me at [email protected] or DM me on Discord (bruhmley#2873) so I can get that 32MB Micro SD card mailed to you.

CodeLongAndPros (963)

Can the next one be non-game related?

bramley (194)

@CodeLongAndPros It's a game jam, so now. However, maybe I could open a new series of competitions where you make a website or something. I'll think about it...

CodeLongAndPros (963)

@bramley This one was a Game Jam. The next one can be a Code Jam.

bramley (194)

@CodeLongAndPros BramJam is meant to be a series of game jams. I might create another series of jams that are just general code jams.

HahaYes (1052)

Any hints about the next competition? Thanks, HahaYes

bramley (194)

@HahaYes All I can say is that it's happening in August and that the prizes will be better. Prizes were cheaper this time around because I didn't want to drop $150 on something that I didn't think would succeed as much as it did. As for theme, I'm not entirely sure what it'll be yet, but I'm already brainstorming.

DynamicSquid (2673)

@HahaYes mark my word, if you're giving out a cybertruck as a 1st place prize, I'm in all the way!

DynamicSquid (2673)

@HahaYes mark my word, if you're giving out a cybertruck as a 1st place prize, I'm in all the way!