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Brawl Fighter Showdown
mathiasaboye (37)

My first big game, Brawl Fighter Showdaown Showdown!


  • When you go out of the square, you lose a life.
  • Lose 3 lives and the opponent wins.
  • Shoot to make the opponent go backward.
Player1 controls
  • Up and down arrows to go forward and backward
  • Left and right arrows to turn
  • Space to shoot
Player2 controls
  • W and S to go forward and backward
  • A and D to turn
  • M to shoot
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btw you will need the console to ask your player name, color, and shape
it also tells you when you lose a life or when a player wins

mathiasaboye (37)

@mathiasaboye Wow this is great project!

mathiasaboye (37)

Thanks @mathiasaboye!
:( i want people to see my project ):