Brute Force Password Guesser
Zexogon (584)

Enter a number password and have it cracked by force
You can see the guessing happening in real time
See how many passwords it tries before it gets yours
5 digit numbers recommended as anything lager can take a while

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DJWang (941)

Lol is that seriously too hard

ChezCoder (128)

@Zexogon try making a list of all the letters in the alphabet. Then use:

for i in range(random.randint(1,10)):
-->RANDOMPASSWORD += random.choice(ALPHABETlist)
BenjaminNamika1 (23)

@DJWang if your password is one then, the range is from 1 to 1, so it has to pick one, so 3487 is impossible

Zexogon (584)

@ChezCoder um is that python?
also what is alphabet list, is it 1 variable? or a group of variables?

Zexogon (584)

@DJWang I really liked your dark forest game by the way!!!!
i made a game called onechance i think youd like the post is just called one chance a demo, it sadly never got any attention

DJWang (941)

@Zexogon I can help you get more attention!

Zexogon (584)

@DJWang thjat would be cool im currently working on the full game right now i have it pinned on my account (OCFR) its not finished but you can take a look

BenjaminNamika1 (23)

@DJWang i am sorry i didn't see that @Zexogon re edited the code, next time i will check harder