Brute Force Password Guesser
Zexogon (611)

Enter a number password and have it cracked by force
You can see the guessing happening in real time
See how many passwords it tries before it gets yours
5 digit numbers recommended as anything lager can take a while

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Zexogon (611)

@sperd while this is cool and all and I’m probably gonna make a new one I can imagine this taking forever to run and find a password due to the overwhelming amount of different factors it has to generate

Like the numbers one only had to generate 1-9 consistently
And the letters one works with 36 letters which is why it was hard to even make it generate random strings in the first place
You my friend, while smart are also insane if you want to open up a python file to run that many factors but insanity in coding is always amazing, I mean look at michal reeves, so I really encourage you to do it on your own or if you want me to I will and I will give you credit for the code but it goes without saying this will probably take a while to crack a 5 digit random password with letters numbers and symbols