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Bug Catcher! | 🐛🐜
ZDev1 (628)

Coding? Solve these questions to be good, lol

Ik that I made less questions
Because there is something called time:

time OR timestamp

Hope you enjoy!
Happy Solving! | 👨‍💻

LeoSekour (25)

i dont know what you mean, i always import django from flask

ZDev1 (628)

@LeoSekour what
That's wrong
You should from flask import * or from flask import Flask
Not django, django is more complicated.

LeoSekour (25)

you didn't get the joke @ZDev1

DynamicSquid (3566)

I once got stumped over this piece of code: std:cout. it was supposed to be std::cout. I spent 5 minutes going crazy

ZDev1 (628)

@DynamicSquid lol
If u want I can invite you to add c++

ZDev1 (628)

@HahaYes I can invite u to add c++
idk c++ anyway

HahaYes (1212)

@ZDev1 alright, when I have time later

VulcanWM (2175)

Nice! But I feel like you could have made this longer.

ZDev1 (628)

@VulcanWM yes my freetime was so short, I'll make it longer tomorrow