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Build a website with Webby!
HarperframeInc (427)

I was inspired by @MarcusWeinberger's Note Taking app and so I built a website builder based on markdown. It doesn't support HTML (Now supports HTML) but it supports almost all of markdown.

I know that the CSS is kinda ugly but CSS is not my style. This was like my second or third dive into the realm of HTML, CSS, and JS.

For the database I was also inspired by his choice of database. I did not realize that Firestore was so easy to work with. I would have used replit's already included database but I was thinking I should go bigger.

(I hope you know that I deleted the website after I was done)

Start building today:

(I originally created a terminal version named Webby but that was a failure...)
Update : I added in HTML support with sanitize-HTML(js). Currently, it uses it's default standards but I plan to create a custom standard. Should have fixed blockquotes.

RiazuMacroni (46)

Cool project. I did like the style of it and it is also very simple. You could add other editing options in the html box such as style of text, text color, etc. But overall it is a good start. Great job :D

MarcusWeinberger (595)

This is extremely cool! I love the style of the site, and that you generate passwords to allow editing documents! I didn't notice this, but while creating a document, some javascript was able to execute ( However now that I've submitted it I see it doesnt run. Well done!

It's also nice to see you used firebase, I really like it and I'm gonna start using it more, I see no reason why not to.

Small bug, checkboxes seem to render far to the left as you can see in my page

HarperframeInc (427)

@MarcusWeinberger Thanks! I'll edit the CSS and fix the issues with site creation