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Lamby777 (59)

Barack Obama released a rap album about being oppressed, and it will make you die inside.

I'm "dying" of laughter!

xelliemariex (0)

@lamby777: hahahahahhaahhaah sick banter

BobTheTomatoPie (1061)

Dwayne Johnson ate a lollipop in public, and the internet is understandably furious LOL. This is the best I've seen

KingRaj4826 (0)

"Donald Trump retook the SAT and got a perfect score, and it will make you lose your faith in humanity."

OwenBradstreet (109)

Mike Pence just bought a new porn dvd, and it's brilliant.

STave_Master605 (1)

Harrison Ford ate a lollipop in public, and people are freaking out

eliena (2)

Ellen Degeneres can't stand phone cases, and scientists want it banned immediately.

PurePanic99 (16)

that is hilarious

PurePanic99 (16)

Stephen Colbert retook the SAT and got a perfect score, and people on the internet are rioting.

FabricioFerreir (0)

"Mike Pence cured his diabetes with this one weird trick, and 3 Cheerios employees were fired for showing their support."
This is brilliant. Thanks for assisting me in my procrastination.

Boss68 (5)

I got this just now and it actually makes sense though:
Justin Bieber is coming out as transgender, and Stephen Colbert thinks it's "pretty gay".

xelliemariex (0)

heyyyyyy gurlfriends hows it going gurllll


This is the greatest thing in the world

AdrianTang (11)

Im gonna start a fake news website and this will generate all the titles for the articles