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Byte: The Game
timmy_i_chen (1088)

Play the game here!

Best played in a separate window. Requires a keyboard - sorry mobile users!

Byte: The Objective

In Byte, the goal is to generate every 8-bit number by flipping switches, one switch at a time.

Here's the catch: you can't generate the same number twice, so you'll have to be systematic with how you count!

(Hint: look up Grey Code)

There's a practice mode that will not end the game if you generate the same number. But the challenge mode is where it all counts!


A few months ago the team went to an escape the room as part of a team bonding activity. We were in the final room and each of us were spread among different puzzles.

One of the puzzles was a locked box with 8 switches. With not much time left and no clues to help us with the numbers, I did the only thing I could think of - brute force the crap out of the box. I got lucky, and it worked after a few dozen flips.

When we were debriefing afterwards, @turbio claimed he could get through all 256 combinations in a few minutes. I challenged him to do so, he accepted, and it was off to the races. Recently, @turbio and @basicer re-created the lockbox, and showed that it was indeed possible to get all the combinations within a few minutes. I believe at this time of writing @turbio's record is about 2 minutes.

Because physical programming is not my forte and @phoopio and I wanted to add more features, we made this sweet web-based game to simulate the box (sorry @turbio!)

Credits and Acknowledgements

@kognise for water.css
@turbio and @basicer for inspiration
@phoopio for finding patterns within grey code

Steven_The_GuyT (226)

How many unique numbers are possible for 8 bit? My highest was 254 for 8-bit(practice mode of course :)

Steven_The_GuyT (226)

@MysticalBilly NOOOOO I WAS SO CLOSE AND THEN I GAVE UP lol xd rip me

AmeliaBlackwell (1048)

weirdly proud that I managed to do the 3 bit challenge

XavierDD (80)

@timmy_i_chen You think mobile users can't play because of no keyboard? Turns out I have a keyboard module/ bluetooth keyboard.

timmy_i_chen (1088)

@XavierDD Whoops. Fair - you got me :P

XavierDD (80)

@timmy_i_chen I saw the red dot notification thinking it were for the python game I posted.

ReshiramWolfu (80)

6.639999999999903 seconds for the easy mode

SimonB (11)

I got all 255 in 144 seconds (practice mode of course).

timmy_i_chen (1088)

@SimonB Hey that's really good! What kind of pattern did you follow?

AidenWaterman (0)

I got all 255 in 320 seconds by counting in binary
so button-mashing is faster

timmy_i_chen (1088)

@AidenWaterman I'll add a guide for counting greycode soon ;) Greycode can be real fast if you can get the sequence down.


stop spamming me on my GMAIL [email protected]_i_chen

Zavexeon (1038)

This is really unique. I've never seen a game like this. ^w^
It is hard for me though since I just have an impulse to mash buttons.

algore (23)

an idea for the mobile users is making it so the bits are a clickable button that do the same thing as the asd ghjkl

Murzikal (22)

dude this is cool