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C++ Keyboard InputManager v1.0.0
CowNationz (45)

This expands on @SPQR 's 'NON BLOCKING UNBUFFERED CONSOLE INPUT in C'. This is used to be able to whitelist and blacklist certain keys from being outputted in the GetPressedKey function. In a much more user friendly and readable way.
Make sure you call Update() every frame.
If no keys have been whitelisted, all keys will become whitelisted.
Due to limitations with getch(), only one input can be detected at once.

SPQR (477)

Yeahhhh code readability isn't exactly my strong suit :P
side note: this isn't non-blocking (i know you never claimed it was but still)
Anyways good job, it's cool to see people make improvements on things i've made :)

mwilki7 (623)

First someone comes up with a simple console ray tracer, now we've got basic non-blocking keyboard input. We're just a sound library away from a repl console FPS.