My First Online Multiplayer Game :D
CodeSalvageON (571)

This is my first attempt at creating an online multiplayer game. I will be creating another one, so leave your suggestions and thoughts down below!
Official Discord Server:

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HahaYes (1212)

C++ so much better

CodeSalvageON (571)

@HahaYes it talks to the machine the best

CSharpIsGud (578)

@HahaYes assembly language is better than C, which is why C compiles to it

CodeSalvageON (571)

@CSharpIsGud hell yeah, although C is great for plenty of things

HahaYes (1212)

@CodeSalvageON Nothing is better than C - Linus Torvalds

Jakman (451)

@HahaYes Who are you going to turn to when your own language crashes?