find if a user spams (or try to)
Codemonkey51 (1035)

this project will take a name and try to figure out does that user spam (it is not 100% correct and never will be) it checks how many times they repeat words that are not in a list of common words and then uses some math to figure out if they are spamming have fun :)

EDIT: made this an api link:
EDIT2: api post here:
EDIT3: sorry if I don't reply to you I just have like 10million notifications I try :/ have fun

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Whippingdot (426)

CODEMONKEY, YOU ARE STILL ON REPL.IT YAAAAAAAAY HOORAAAAY. I found this cause I found your stats repl. That RC Web thing. I have it on my favorites bar, it is AWESOME. please work on it. My goal is to get in the top 50 most cycles people. I hope I do... Right now I am only in the top 25% 😞😞 but you are 41/42 YAYYY. Hope I see you around more, I like to have you around. I have exams now so I can't chat that much but when they are over I will meet you on @Codemonkey51