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Oscar05 (6)

COIN RUSH is a skill based sidescroller jumping game with 4 different scenarios and thematics that change and challenge you based on your score.

The game is about a coin that doesn't want to be spended on vending machines, so you must avoid them at any cost (don't get BROKE! literally...).
It was developed with LUA and LÖVE2D by two people in just 72hours cause...we're professional procrastinators.

We found that the game runs a little bit slow in the Replit compiler and doesn't reproduce sound so you'll have a link to the .exe file too for playing it.

How to Play:
w - Jump
w>w - Double Jump
s - Fast Fall

The executable is called "Coin Rush.exe":

-Developed by: @jamesR48 and @Oscar05
-Music: Jumpshot by Eric Skiff

We finished the game about 1h before the initial deadline but it was extended, that's why we're posting it now. In fact we still don't know which was the real deadline. We hope we are on time

taloketo (4)

the graphics are so nice! the game was kind of too hard for me but great job!

timmy_i_chen (1143)

I really liked the animations :)