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COVID-19 checker (answer with Yes or No)

Covid 19 checker on

What on earth is this?

A simple quiz to check how much chance is there for you to get affected.



All questions are taken from Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. Check out the questions at:


Why to Use this one?

Well I know there are a plenty of COVID-19 checker out there, giving much better result, But this one is a noob checker made by noob programmer.This is just for fun,I am not taking any surety.


Upvote if you really liked it. Stay tuned for more Updates

Hey friends Restoration done.. Enjoy now


@IndyCarter 👍 Great but don't go out in quarantine 😃

CodingCactus (2828)

Yay 0% likely

Cool looking program, nice


@CodingCactus Thanks 👍


@LiamDonohue ok that's nothing. You are 100% safe.No panics.👍


@LiamDonohue 👍 You shouldn't be.

DJWang (1149)

Love the interface!


@DJWang Thanks👍

Roar123 (426)

I like the interface a lot, good job! One thing though, is it supposed to say You Have __ % of getting attacked by COVID--19 :)


@Roar123 well I did not get a better grammer. Can you pls suggest

Roar123 (426)

@MrHackman no your grammar is fine, I just thought it was funny that you said attacked


@Roar123 ok thanks for the Comment.👍.Anyway it attacks your immune system.😄

AdCharity (1270)

@MrHackman it attacks your lungs and then when immune responses arrive it confuses those as well. Eventually bacterial overload is what kills you.


@AdCharity Well it is a virus,not bacteria.Hence it is so hard to develop a vaccine for it.☺️

AdCharity (1270)

@MrHackman that's not what I said. COVID-19 is a virus, but it weakens your lungs and immune system to the point where a bacterial overload is what eventually kills you.

LiamDonohue (283)

because your body is weak and can't fight against bacteria @AdCharity


@AdCharity Thanks for the info.

AdCharity (1270)

@MrHackman lmao nice project though 👍


@AdCharity 🌼THANKS 🌼