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COVer - Code JAM #9
AdCharity (1270)



Education, Music, and Chatting steamrolled into one
AdCharity and Ethan's second project together! Designed with sleepless nights and effort.di


Cover is an app designed to connect a couple services (music, chatting, and Google Classroom) together.

Main Features

  • Login with Google or email verification
  • Save and favorite playlists backed up by Spotify
  • Play and drag around your playlists
  • Manage your classes
  • Classes are identified via a Neural Network and given an image (labeled for non-commercial reuse)
  • Real-time Chatting + easter eggs
  • AdCharity website domain
  • Smooth transitions (sliding dashboard panels, header, menu, and more)
  • Has limited mobile support
  • download as a Progressive Web App
  • 100% original code, except the dependencies of course

Intended Use

Use it as you want! If you don't have a google classroom or spotify, no worries. (Though I reccomend having a spotify account for the good music)

Epic Screenshots

Signing into Google

Progressive Web App makes it possible to install COVer on almost any system

Neural Net classifies classes and gives them a little image!

Smooth Chat integration, with user search

Play your favorite songs off spotify in COVer!

Keep non-hackers away from source code (and show copyright)

That's it! Hopefully you can see the enormous effort that went into this! All ideas are 100% original, and all code is 99% produced by us (the remaining 1% being Google as a debugging tool). Happy Progamming Replers!


  • This is heavily realiant on cookies so if you have them disabled you might not be able to login / the server might crash
  • Revision -> open it in a new tab has no difficulties?
  • Mobile support is garbage
AgastyaSandhuja (146)

it is really really cool that this is an app too!

AgastyaSandhuja (146)

cool! could you make one with Schoology support as well as google classroom?

AdCharity (1270)

@AgastyaSandhuja I mean I could try ^W^ if they have any good documentation

SilentShadowBla (537)

ok. this is ABSOLUTELY amazing, you have already won...

AdCharity (1270)

@SilentShadowBla Other people have very professional projects as well (I hope my team wins anyways)

vishal1999tk (11)

Wow! This is a neat and helpful site. gj!

AlephZero (337)

Wow, this is great! I could definitely use this. I really think you could win!