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Calculator in Python #It works #Hopefully
AA6Ninja (9)

This is a calculator I made in 20 mins while getting bored in English. That is why (Pardon the pun......) I checked my spellings (syntax) over and over :)

TheGap (0)

Great Effort ! ...and a good calculator too.
But the pun is really bad. ;)

malvoliothegood (486)

Very good effort. You need to tell the user at the start what functions the calculator supports. Also, it should be able to handle decimals e.g. 12.5. You might like to make another version that uses functions to get input, do calculations etc. One last thought: how does the user exit from the program?

AA6Ninja (9)

@malvoliothegood Thank you very much for writing the comment and telling me my shortcomings. I will fix it. I will also make a way for the user to exit the program.