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Camel Game: Updated V2!
JaidenKim (12)

Constructive criticism is highly valued! Thanks for playing my random game that I spent an unusually long time on!

New Features:
-Added new ways that you can die
-Added a diner(suggested! :) )
-Added an easter egg for funzies!
-New and improved UI!
-Added treasure (very rare 1 in 500 tries :))
-Added a round counter!
-Fixed a bug that I did not know about!

LittleNomster (112)

this is fun! um maybe add some treasures along the way, maybe some restaurants, and money, idk

JaidenKim (12)

@LittleNomster Hey, thanks for the feedback! I can indeed add some treasures and restaurants!

LittleNomster (112)

Yay, your welcome for feedback, i can gladly test your next version as well

AaronMarshall1 (0)

Hello friend, would you like to squad up with me, DJWang and Poohbarr2 in fortnite?

MoisesDiazIbarr (0)

Jaiden please add more stuff

LakshayCodez (5)

nice. add a clear screen function after every turn