Canvas Basketball
mwilki7 (1113)

Time your jump and shot to make it into the hoop.
Press Space to jump, S to shoot
F for solitaire mode
W for walls
C to clear screen of all balls
D for debug info

Smartphone controls:
Touch down to jump
release touch to shoot

New "Clear balls" button added (I should have added this long ago)

  • Thanks democat for the feedback

Also added hotkey for it, along with a scoreboard

  • Thanks ebest for the feedback
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ebest (654)

Can you add a score thing to count the score?

And can you add a hotkey to clear the balls (like press c to clear balls)?

mwilki7 (1113)

@ebest It just so happens that I did have a score system in place. I don't remember why I disabled it. A score is added, more debug info can be displayed by pressing D.