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PDanielY (1060)

What is Bytes?

Bytes is a website that I am making with one of my friends. I already have a designer and backend-developer and I am looking for more developers. We will be using next.js (React) for the website. And yes, the website is hosted on

Our Team

@PDanielY - CEO, Developer
@usercybe - Developer

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RohilPatel (1065)

Can you invite me to the discord server? I feel like I could work well with you, and I submitted the form. I don't mean to ask for too much but I feel like I could do a really good job with moderating the discord server, maybe even being an admin (I run an 85+ member server), and I also have led a few major projects, including PlogoPlus (a very advanced social media site in development for 4 months now). Thank you!