🌃🌙 The Dark Dark Forest (The New and Improved!) 🌃🌙
DJWang (1246)

Hi Y'all!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

It has actually been many months when I promised you an update, but I have been trying to get by school activities, so I didn't have enough time to update it. However, recently I spent nearly all my free time fixing, debugging, and updating my new game, and here it is!

To make it up to you, I mixed multiple updates and put them all together! Behold! The NEW Dark Dark Forest!!!


  1. Color update! Introduction and endings are now in full color!
  2. Location update! You can now be in different locations! The location will be written on topic of your stats. To change a location, choose a specific decision when a special scenario comes up.

  1. Monster update! New monsters! See if you can find all of them!

  2. Food update! New foods See if you can find them all!

  3. The long awaited POTION UPDATE! Potions balence all your stats, and come in different colors each time!

Coming updates:

Difficulty! You can eventually change your difficulty. The difficulty changes the number of choices you need to survive.


My game has offically 908 lines of code! This is the largest project I've ever made!


Enjoy, comment, and don't forget to upvote! Have fun!

Oh, and also, if you want to, take a screenshot of the new decisions you spotted.


-DJStudios Team

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AlexanderTarn (270)

Can you make it so that you stay in locations longer and you can suffer buffs/debuffs for being in locations?

DJWang (1246)

@AlexanderTarn Sure! I'll definitely add it in the next few updates. I'll also mention you in them!