Bookie0 (1481)

Goooooooooooooooooooood Morning everybody!

Haven’t you ever WoNdErEd wether soemthing is TrUe or FaLsE???

Well, this ultimate true/false machine will, umm tell you!

Just press RUN and follow instructions!

Any comments, tips, suggestions, etc are welcome!

And of course, if Much Like = True, Much Upvote = True! 😊 😃 🙏

(Just joking)

But wait! Screenshot your funniest answer, because the funniest one will have a shoutout in the next repl I publish!

Thank you and have a fantastic day!!!

Edit: thaaaaaanks for the 23 upvotes! XD

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ChezTacoz (63)

The code has spoken

Bookie0 (1481)

Hummmmmm ok fine. But it also said that misfortune will fall upon anyone who doesn’t upvote (also it was so blinding i couldn’t take a screenshot whoops) @ChezTacoz

Bookie0 (1481)

Check the description of this repl i managed to take a screenshot also:: @ChezTacoz


ChezTacoz (63)

@Bookie0 my username is ChezTacoz not Cjez Tacoz

ChezTacoz (63)

@Bookie0 but therefore you have not proven anything

Bookie0 (1481)

Fine u win don’t upvote if you don’t want to:) @ChezTacoz

ChezTacoz (63)

@Bookie0 lol don't worry I will upvote