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Cash Clicker
SilentShadowBla (537)

Cash Clicker is an idle clicker game made by me.

You click the cash to gain more to buy autoclickers, clicker boosters and more.

As of now, there are two currencies:
Cash: The basic normal currency
Gold: A more valuable currency to buy better items.

AdCharity (1270)

I'm just happy for you for not using JQuery. Learning Vanilla JS fills in a lot of gaps.


I used setInterval() and .click to break the game lol

AdriannaBordona (1)

Cool game! However, when I buy the "big brain power-up", no gold is deducted from by balance. Then I bought Prestige and everything reset.

BraylanBB121 (79)

You should divide the gold balance by 8 instead of 2.

hazelpy (7)

for the body background you couldve used linear-gradient(rgb(), rgb());

mondo_lee (6)

dang passed by and one look (ok more like 12 minutes of gameplay) in told me this had to be quite a bit of effort. Super cool stuff! :D

C0BR4 (2)

This is a well-programmed project, but does have some creases to be ironed out. All in all, however, while not being original, it does demonstrate your skill and the time you have put into this. Well done!

C0BR4 (2)

@C0BR4 One thing to look at is adding a <p></p> for the cash per click

SilentShadowBla (537)

If you like it please upvote! also good advice :) @C0BR4