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Chase! game
micahcheng (49)

Just a simple circle. Avoid it. Sounds simple right?

Lumpy_Wiggles (77)

Not a bot... but a really neat, addictive (and frustrating) game

rdonker (0)

Excellent idea......

sajknslsa (2)

Wow, this is fantastic! +10000!!!

cmclau01 (0)

Addictive, great job!

sajknslsa (2)

+20000 score with only 1 life. :)

HeerokDas (12)

7287 with 2 lives :D

richtan (119)

this is suprisingly really awesome1 you have my vote

richtan (119)

i found a way you can hack it though...

JosephBrody (0)

Can you link the source code?

davidpython3 (125)

This is the next flappy bird..
I hate this game and I like it at the same time :D
Good job !

Stephen_Chien (10)

Lol, if you put your mouse on edge and move it to another place, you can teleport. Really good game! I don't know what the "50% to an extra life" thing does, though.

Auhsoj1 (9)

The "High score" and "avoid the circles..." messages overlap on my screen. Can you fix that?