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Chatting AI
Brandaboss (87)

My AI is a robot that talks to you and overtime learns more phrases. Keep in mind he may repeat a few things, but he is fun to have a conversation with. Enjoy!
To play:

AelChappuit (3)

13th line: You could have used "while True:" instead of "while 1>0". Doesn't change anything but looks more "professional".

Brandaboss (87)

@AelChappuit, you’re right, I made this about a year ago when I didn’t know about that. I fixed it. ;)

AelChappuit (3)

@Brandaboss This my favorite AI so far btw ! Great job !!!

wakeisgaming (0)

How can you make it save what it has learned??

SasinduMissaka (0)

@wakeisgaming, you can save it in csv format in a different file. I have tried this same project on my own, try it out:

WyattKinzer (3)

how long does it take for him to have a real conversation?

TerrorbuildLuna (27)

wow that's great, he's like a child learning to talk!

hillsam001 (24)

He is so rude. Conversation:


How are you?

Oh, ok.
Oh, ok.

That didn’t make sense...
Oh, ok.

Wow so rude.

Hey yourself!
Wow so rude.

Why is he so mean?

In all honesty, this is a pretty cool program. Good job.

ClaytonHickey (48)

Many greetings were spoken with this AI.

Zavexeon (1125)

I had a wholesome conversation with this AI.

Goldrank (35)

I love this game!

Goldrank (35)

@Goldrank Note: Not game, program. I'm just a bit dumb

themaka (186)

Reminds me of Eliza. Nicely done.