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Cheer you up machine
bonnym512 (84)

This machine will make you feel better if you ever are in a down moment and you have a need to be cheered up.

bonnym512 (84)

If you find that it isn't working, please note that I am trying right now to make a update on it. The new update should be ready soon. In the meantime sit back and relax and I will have it ready by Saturday, the 22nd.

sojs (82)

Once you have used this, and you are feeling tooooooo happy, check this out - - the cheer you Down machine!!!!

bonnym512 (84)

@sojs I think I know who you are but I am not going to say it, but really, you just did the exact opposite of what I did.

sojs (82)

Your right I do deserve lots of money!!!

B0T (16)

i am still depressed, but it help me abit

epicman702 (39)

I thought I was depressed but my ideas for codes are back to zero

MaxWang2 (0)

You've... made my day. :)

HarperframeInc (232)

That is the shortest, yet awesome, program I've seen.


I am so happy now! Thank you!