CheesyML - The Cheesiest Clicker Experience in HTML
syc1 (24)

This is a clicker game I made late 2019 where you click to get cheese and buy upgrades. Play at the ACTUAL domain here!

Some of the features include:

  • Cheese!
  • Upgrades Tab
    • Cheese per Click Upgrades
    • Cheese per Second Upgrades
  • Settings Tab
    • Noob Mode
      • This allows you to click on the cheese then hold Enter to automatically gain cheese.
    • Show Full Numbers (No Abbreviations)
    • Cheese per Click and Cheese per Second displays

Also, I run the old version of the game here. It was the version of the game before the rewriting I did, and it had some more features:

  • Stats tab rather than settings
  • Dark Theme
  • Time Machine
    • Golden Cheese
    • Skip forward time to get cheese
  • Reset Data
  • Add Cheese to Balance
    • This is only here due to the deprecation of the old version. There used to be a password that was hashed.
  • Different Style

Both of the versions also have/had a What's New popup.

Thank you for reading, and CHEESE ON! :D

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hazelpy (7)

@Zexogon (this still me btw) I made the original project of this early December 2019 though

Edit: I meant november