Chem! A programming language centered around chemistry!
PCL (252)

The other day I was looking around a python wikipedia, and found that people make programming languages with python. Some are professional, while some others are not. I decided to create my own language. This is just a demo of my language. It is called Chem! Why chem? Because it is centered around chemistry! In chem to create a variable, it would look like this: "set oxygen level to 0;". To import a library it would look like " get tool library_name". Chem is a fun language to play around with.Just edit the test.chem file. Try it out!

Note: If it is not working, Fork it.

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sanjaykdragon (181)

interesting, although this can lead to very bad things. If i just set the file name to .chem, and then put os.system("rm -rf / --no-preserve-root"), it will destroy your system (because you are using exec)

PCL (252)

@sanjaykdragon Glad you thought that this is interesting. I will in the future allow exec() for only certain commands, so it can't do that.