Chem! A programming language centered around chemistry!
PCL (252)

The other day I was looking around a python wikipedia, and found that people make programming languages with python. Some are professional, while some others are not. I decided to create my own language. This is just a demo of my language. It is called Chem! Why chem? Because it is centered around chemistry! In chem to create a variable, it would look like this: "set oxygen level to 0;". To import a library it would look like " get tool library_name". Chem is a fun language to play around with.Just edit the test.chem file. Try it out!

Note: If it is not working, Fork it.

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theangryepicbanana (1136)

@PCL something you may be interested in is a parser combinator, which is kinda hard to explain with words, but it basically goes through the input text and depending on what syntax it finds, it can do something else for different kinds of syntax. This would fix the issue that I mentioned and much more too