Chem! A programming language centered around chemistry!
PCL (252)

The other day I was looking around a python wikipedia, and found that people make programming languages with python. Some are professional, while some others are not. I decided to create my own language. This is just a demo of my language. It is called Chem! Why chem? Because it is centered around chemistry! In chem to create a variable, it would look like this: "set oxygen level to 0;". To import a library it would look like " get tool library_name". Chem is a fun language to play around with.Just edit the test.chem file. Try it out!

Note: If it is not working, Fork it.

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hg0428 (36)

This does not have its own features, it just replaces certain phrases with python syntax and uses exec to execute it as python code. This is easy to make.

PCL (252)

@hg0428 Yeah. I am going to add its own features in the future. This is just a demo that shows how its syntax will be like.