Chess clicker
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Just something I've been working on. If you have any suggestions for things I should change or add, leave a comment if you'd like! The original code came from @bgrubert from . I just added and changed stuff.

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The_God_GuyGod (3)

Shouldn't we be able to see what we need to do for the achievements? (or at least the names)

Also, after purchasing 2 distractions it still says "distraction" (it should have an S at the end)

The number of tactics you own does not update every purchase

I could not find a way to access any of the ??? pieces or any more than 2 achievements (although I am not sure if that is just all that is there)

Finally, like people have said, the Tactics need to be nerfed. Maybe you could create another hidden "upgrade" for the achievement bonuses?

3465728974563 (46)

@The_God_GuyGod 1. No the achievements are supposed to be something you get along the journey, not something you want to target and try and get I want people enjoy the game as it is, not have to try and unlock something. I want people to find things without getting spoilers from an achievement name or description. 2. I'll fix that. 3. fixed just refresh your game to the latest version (I update the game like every 7 minutes.) 4. That's a secret. 5. Also fixed and mega nerfed.