Clicker Game In HTML!
Zexogon (641)

I tried this a few times but now i finally have the hang of javascript (kinda) ill be updating this and add new things/make it look better for now enjoy! :3


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syc1 (20)

Quick tip: rather than using <div> elements for buttons, use <button>. you can style it with css to look the same using

button {
  border: 2px solid black; 
  border-radius: 4px; 
  background-color: rgba(75, 75, 75);

or something like that. Also, for the red button, just set border-radius to half the button width. Works like a charm.

RohilPatel (388)

Yea, i would agree in this case, however I'm most I would use a div though. @syc1

MrEconomical (1431)

@Zexogon oh yes I forgot about this definitely use <button> for buttons (when possible) because of a few reasons
1) its made to be a button bruh
2) tab doesn't work on divs (when somebody uses tab to select inputs)
3) it has a bunch of built-in stuff like disabled that divs don't have
4) easier to style

hazelpy (7)

@Zexogon credit me too, haha I brought it up 😳 I'm just kidding I don't really care