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Clicker Pen testing service!
Miner36 (17)

Do you have a clicker game? Well your in luck I will pen test your clicker game for FREE (Special thanks to eekboi) ! I have now hacked Five clicker games. if you what your game pen tested
follow these steps.
Step 1 Make a Comment with this format

<clicker link here>

Step 3 Post it!
Step 4 Wait!
Step 5 See my comment back to you!
If I cant hack it you get a free cycle!
Upvotes Are A Nice Way To Say Thank You So Why Not give One?

DynamicSquid (3594)

A free cycle? I never knew they costed money!

Miner36 (17)

@DynamicSquid They don't so here is one!

firefish (524)

I think you've hacked mine already, but here's your upvote

eekboi (272)

Hey! If you want upvotes you need to earn them by answering questions, making good posts, and funny/cool/nice comments. If you're offering a service in exchange for upvotes just don't offer it at all. I've unlisted this post for that reason. If you edit the post saying that you will do the "service" for nothing OR you just outright just take away the option in a whole, i will relist the post.

Miner36 (17)

@eekboi You Dont Have To Upvote to get the service so it's free, can you relist it and maybe upvote it?

Miner36 (17)

@eekboi Thanks, You know Github Student How long dose it take for them to verify it?