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Clicker game to "cure" Covid-19 (JAM #9)
crazyman222214 (15)

This is my submission for Repl's 9th Code Jam. I have been in a coding slump so this got me inspired to start coding again. In this game, you are a mad scientist that wants to cure Covid-19. For best play experience, open the website in a new tab.

I did use sarcasm and humor, but I already put a disclaimer in the game, I do not want to make Covid-19 lighter than it seems. This is a serious issue and thousands have died from it.

Average play time is 5-15 minutes. If I had more time, I would want to put voice lines, and work on the game balance a little more. I did learn a lesson on game design, and that was to make mechanics of your game as simple as possible for a shorter game. I also improved on making my javascript look a lot cleaner than it was before. Even though I am not the best coder, I hope everyone can enjoy my game!