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Code that gets top post from r/todayilearned
ash15khng (678)

This code uses the Reddit API to get the top post from r/todayilearned, prints it out and adds it to a file.
I don't know why I made this but I needed something to do.
Also title 100

EDIT: suggest some stuff I could add please!

RobertFurr (43)

This man deserves a medal

RobertFurr (43)

@ash15khng no problem. Is there a way I can make it display comments?

ash15khng (678)

@RobertFurr That's a good suggestion, I'll try it.

ash15khng (678)

@RobertFurr I tried, but I don't see anything in the documentation that could help, and I don't think scraping their website is a good idea.

RobertFurr (43)

@ash15khng Okay. I did take a small look at the API page but I didn't understand it.