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Get typing today

Do you ever have an idea? You're about to lose it, it's slipping... then you go to write it down, but you don't have a notepad, you check your computer, but you don't have a text editor either. What do you do!?

Text editors online can be quite expensive.

We're here to help you.

Introducing: Basic Text Editor (Not written in Basic)

An extremely simple text editor that allows you to same your data by using Ctrl + S, can safely run on phones that have low processing power, and will only take up less than two kilobytes of space on your device!

Did you accidentally hit reload!? It's okay, your text will be saved! (Unless you wrote more that two whole megabytes of text, in which case it will not)

Get typing today!

Up-vote, download, and bookmark it today!

Oh, btw... phones can't use Ctrl-S, so how should they save?

Click here to access the Basic Text Editor

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xxpertHacker (382)

@Codemonkey51 Aww... that sucks. Do you know how I can get around IOS, so everyone can use this?