[ GAME ] Hide and Seek2
Coder100 (8490)

Hide and Seek++

Have you ever shot at people in hide and seek? As a seeker, have you ever had to collect dots? And in both roles, have you ever had a set way of defining "score"?? Time limits?? Not at all! In this spin-off of the hide-and-seek, all those features will get incorporated! Hide-and-seek just got a lot more interesting!


This is the demo for a new game I am making, it will be multiplayer and you will have time limits and so much more! This is just a demo so I can get ideas and feedback :D

How to play

It is included in-game, but if you want:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • WASD to move
  • Hiders: Click to shoot


Why am I always a seeker?
Why don't you want to be a seeker smh
Don't worry--you will be able to be a hider in the full edition
What was it made in?
JavaScript and soon socket.io!


  • Special thanks to @GeneralBaker for pointing out the holes being unrealistic! I fixed it :)
  • Added 3 new hiding places! Sand, Pond, Log
  • Nerfed hider score


I could not make this game so awesome if not for the help of


Have fun!
Please comment below with answers to these questions:

  • is it laggy? What is the average framerate?
  • how long does it take to get to number 1 on the leaderboard?
  • are the colors good?
    Happy Seeking!
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MocaCDeveloper (313)



Our Election Poll app is supposed to be released tomorrow or anywhere from Oct.10 to Oct.14.

We should probably work on it

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@Coder100 Ok no problem. Hey I am recruiting @realTronsi to help out with the websites comments and "debate room".

You don't mind, do you?

maxyang (72)

@Coder100 WHEN YOU SKIVE OFF SCHOOL TO CODE(i've also got school but this is an asynchronous period)

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper @Coder100 Wait... debate room? This sounds pretty cool, I'm looking forward to it!

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@fuzzyastrocat We are probably going to be pushing to release date to Oct. 14th - Oct. 16th.

No way we can accomplish such a big idea unless we release the web-app and have a direct server-shutdown for maintenance while we finish up the update lol.

So yeah. Plan on seeing the web-app anywhere from Tomorrow - Oct. 16th!

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@fuzzyastrocat However....

I am recruiting other developers to help(minimum of 2).
I see you know Python. Would you perhaps know Flask?

If so. Would you mind joining along and helping us get the database up and going? As well as hashing user credentials?

There is allot to be done!

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Yes, I have moderate experience with flask. I'm not experienced with databases using Python, but I would know how to hash the user credentials. (I'm a bit rusty with Python though, it would probably take me a little while to figure it out at first)

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@fuzzyastrocat That's all I needed!!

I can get the database up and going as long as you're able to entitle yourself to hashing user-credentials!

That is, if you want to join the development!
P.S: Will you be flexible in the hours your on and the parts of the back-end you work on?

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Well, unfortunately, I can't really guarantee when and/or if I'll be able to work on it. However, I'd be glad to help as much as I can.

MocaCDeveloper (313)

Alright, not a problem. Just as long as you put some of your free time into working on the web-app that's all that I care about!

So, you're willing to join? If not, I fully understand!

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper I'd be willing to join, sure!

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@fuzzyastrocat - Those try and except methods were needed for user redirection and re-setting the users cookie to the current logged in account.
Please do not delete them.

And I have been working on it for the past hour and a half

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Avoid try/except clauses wherever possible! To make your code more "clean", use an if statement instead that checks whether the thing you would be trying is possible.

MocaCDeveloper (313)

Well I did try if statements and I find the try and except works best when redirecting and updating user cookies..

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Well, you can do what you would do with a try-except statement with an if-statement, and it will result in code whose purpose is more clear.

MocaCDeveloper (313)

@fuzzyastrocat I already had the try and except beforehand and it stood more clear to me instruction wise as to what's happening and why it's happening.

So imma just keep the try and excepts

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Ok. I would consider using an if-statement though, because from the perspective of someone reading the code it's extremely unclear what that code does. (And, if it throws an unrelated error, it will get handled in the same except and may cause strange behavior.)

fuzzyastrocat (671)

@MocaCDeveloper Just to let you know, I've removed myself from the repl since I feel like I'm really unable to contribute anything right now.

MocaCDeveloper (313)


It's fine.
I have removed Coder100 from it as well due to lack of collaboration and due to the fact I refuse to release the app under 2 or more names when those people have done nothing to help out.

You and @Coder100 are both welcomed back anytime!