Magic 8 ball
Coder100 (8932)

Magic 8 ball

This is the magical 8-ball that is 100% accurate! It just doesn't know which parallel universe you are in...


I made this with ONLY HTML and CSS! The JS is just for interactivity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :D I also used a custom font for this...

  • 69 responses
  • JetBrains font
  • No external libraries AT ALL (not even font!)

Try to get all 69 of the responses!


Click anywhere to shake the ball, and click on the share button to create your own messages!


  • Thanks to @ironblockhd for informing me about e.path browser support!


Enjoy :D

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CoolGuy27 (43)

@Coder100 can you go back to number counter broken? i responded to u