[ GAME ] Hide and Seek2
Coder100 (8838)

Hide and Seek++

Have you ever shot at people in hide and seek? As a seeker, have you ever had to collect dots? And in both roles, have you ever had a set way of defining "score"?? Time limits?? Not at all! In this spin-off of the hide-and-seek, all those features will get incorporated! Hide-and-seek just got a lot more interesting!


This is the demo for a new game I am making, it will be multiplayer and you will have time limits and so much more! This is just a demo so I can get ideas and feedback :D

How to play

It is included in-game, but if you want:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • WASD to move
  • Hiders: Click to shoot


Why am I always a seeker?
Why don't you want to be a seeker smh
Don't worry--you will be able to be a hider in the full edition
What was it made in?
JavaScript and soon socket.io!


  • Special thanks to @GeneralBaker for pointing out the holes being unrealistic! I fixed it :)
  • Added 3 new hiding places! Sand, Pond, Log
  • Nerfed hider score


I could not make this game so awesome if not for the help of


Have fun!
Please comment below with answers to these questions:

  • is it laggy? What is the average framerate?
  • how long does it take to get to number 1 on the leaderboard?
  • are the colors good?
    Happy Seeking!
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EthanMeehan (0)

this game is lame bc it is just the same thing over and over again
i suggest making it change every time

techde (92)

@EthanMeehan Dude give feedback politely, or dont give it at all.

techde (92)

@techde huh, it sent it two times, prob bc I was click the comment button too many times, bc it was lagging.

techde (92)

@techde what the... ok now that's 100% a repl glitch.

hihitherethere (3)

Make the map change? Because when he moves it to multiplayer, idk if thats [email protected]
and @techde i totally agree. Please give feedback politely. You can suggest it, but don't talk it down like that.

Coder100 (8838)

after a server restart the map automatically regenerates, but it doesn't 'change' technically @hihitherethere

Coder100 (8838)

sure, didn't I ask for your help? Anyways, the requirements are:

  • has discord
  • has vscode (live share extension)
  • knows ts (I'm doing backend in typescript for my sanity lol)