Cactus Simulator
CodingCactus (3008)

I hit 500 cycles recently. YAY, thanks!! Although I probably have about 50 cycles in ask questions where they haven’t selected my answer as the answer after admitting that it was the answer to their question :(

So here is a 500 cycle special!

How to play:

All instructions are explained in the game, but I’ll give you an overview anyway:

  • You are given a choice of what cactus you would like to be. All are found in The Cactapedia
  • You are then given an overview of your chosen cactus
  • Now the actual simulator starts. You (as you are told) make your decisions monthly. You can either: increase root length, stem height or number of spines.
  • You have to balance your decisions so that none of your stats fall to 0 (you die if they do).
  • You need to survive for 5 years (60 months)

Thanks to @xolyon for allowing me to use a function that they made which that the text can be printed letter by letter.
Also, for their colour codes tutorial which allows for colours with no imports, YAY!! :)

Have Fun, and if you do: don’t forget to upvote! :)

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ChezCoder (1497)


Change the scrollTxt and other customizable parts to your liking this was just an example :D

def clear():
    print("\033[2J\033[H",end="") # also, i suggest that for the clear console statement, you change it to this

# you can but an if loop around the intro to run if this is true after the code below
do_intro = True

while True:
    scrollTxt("Skip Intro?(Yes/No): ")
    decision = input()
    if decision.lower == "yes":
        do_intro = False
    elif decision.lower == "no":
        do_intro = True