any dimensional cube
benji10 (22)

The program will create a cube in any dimensions and display it. will only allow up to 5 dimensions though. Press "p" to toggle perspective which could change the whole view. Press "space" to only show verticies. My second repl. Have fun!

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xxpertHacker (782)

@CodingCactus There's an infinite number of dimensions. Now this is gonna sound crazy, but here I go.

You know how you can look at a 2D image and see everything at once? If I made a 2D box you'd be able to see all sides, inside and outside? Well that's because you're one dimension higher than 2D.

Do you know what that means?

A 4D being can see inside and outside of a 3D cube at the same time. Contemplate that for a bit. You should understand what that means for 5D then.

We, as 3D beings, aren't intended to conceptualize higher dimensions, but some can with relative easy, while others struggle.