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Conversation Simulator V1.0
Eyseedoubleyou (10)

A simple conversation simulator. Version 1. It has taken some time to code. Note me on errors please!

PowerCoder (31)

Cool. Although I think you should add color to the text using Termcolor.

 from termcolor import cprint

Then you can style text with this type of format:

 cprint('TEXT', 'COLOR')

For example:

 cprint('Hello world', 'green')
HenryShearer (2)

Great logo! Love Zelda games. Also, cool bot!

mkhoi (202)

Cool! This bot talks a lot

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Thanks @mkhoi
Yeah I tried to get it like that it took time


One sort of grammar error is when the program uses *s instead of ‘s. @Eyseedoubleyou

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Yes I use that because for some weird reason I used quotation marks instead of speech marks. I’m glad you’ve spotted it though!

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Thank you

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Yes I know it’s tomorrow I meant have good Friday and weekend @MATTHEWBECHTEL

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Okay, thanks.
Can i ask which line are you referring to

XavierDD (63)

@Eyseedoubleyou it should work for all strings.
"text ... isn\'t"

DJWang (277)

Very impressive! Try working on some of the grammar and spelling, but otherwise it's GREAT!

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

The apostrophes i used asterisk instead because I used apostrophes/quotation marks as the print things

DJWang (277)

@Eyseedoubleyou print('AAnyway, I am a code which is meant to simulate a conversation, not a repetitive friend. So, goodbye! I*ll miss you.') Should be:

print("Anyway, I am a code which is meant to simulate a conversation, not a repetitive friend. So, goodbye! I'll miss you.")

ebest (590)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 267, in <module>
print('Hey %' % name)
ValueError: incomplete format

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

Thanks for that :)

I’m pretty sure it used to work. I’ll check it ASAP.

Thanks :)

Eyseedoubleyou (10)

To me it still works, but I think I should’ve done it a different way as I’m using an number version thing.

anaconda314 (0)

@ebest I'm having the same problem.

ebest (590)

a now subject has been found to talk about?