Cookie Clicker! Dark theme. Reach 1,000,000,000 cookies to win!
PYer (2667)

Cookie Clicker (New Window)

I have been working on this cookie clicker for a long time. I was inspired to create one when @pyelias created a terminal one and won the game jam! I liked the dark theme look and implemented it in this game. I'll take suggestions for new shop items, upgrades and things like that. Thank you and please upvote.

PS: To see what a shop item does, hover over it.
PPS: You could look in the console and give yourself a bunch of cookies, but that would be cheating!
PPPS: You can also look at the source code to see what the next cookie benefit is.

Let's see if anybody can honestly win!

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Heypeoples2 (12)

Super coolz! Im doing awesome, my highest cookies were 492,000.(something). There's like an automatic thingymajig.

Heypeoples2 (12)

@PYer I mean it goes on by itself sometimes. New highscore, 8.490309777437282e+23! Yikes.... I just let it go idle.

Heypeoples2 (12)

@PYer lol. ↖(^ω^)↗ ↖(^ω^)↗

Heypeoples2 (12)

@PYer Well, I really didn't cheat. I can't really figure out how, since I'm onna chromebook. No command, f12 stuff. you know, buy stuff, then let it go idle. Works like a charm.

PYer (2667)

@Heypeoples2 all the items except the cookie dough make it so that you get cookies every few seconds.