MemeCitations NodeJS API
HZLPY (39)

This is an API I made to allow the use of inside of Node.js. If you didn't already know, is a website where you can link memes from Instagram, Twitter, Reddit or TikTok and recieve a MLA format citation of said meme. It's really convenient for crediting people for memes quickly. It was created by Instagram user trigoMEMEtry for this exact purpose.

When I was looking at the website, I was thinking, "What if someone wanted to program something that uses this website's quick citations?", and then I decided to make this API. It works using the hidden already-existing API the website made and uses to provide citations. It doesn't even require an API key, but I'm guessing that's because it wasn't public. Sorry about exposing the website's api xD

To use this API, copy the contents of memecitations.js into its own js file on your project and import it. The docs are in the script. Peace!

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