A loading screen I made a while ago
MatthewWesolows (7)

Well my RPG maker didn't do so well, so in one last desperate attempt, I will show you all the first project I full finished witho quitting.


Ths basically works by loading two parameters inside of a class, a number describing the position of the process, and another number describing the end (ex. if there are 10 assets to be loaded, and 5 have been loaded, the parameters would be (5, 10)). Then some mathematical calculations are made to convert it to percent, and the bars are filled up.

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DynamicSquid (3597)

Cool! I think you could also try experimenting with the curses.h library to make the cursor go away

MatthewWesolows (7)

@DynamicSquid Yeah, I've heard of curses.h, but I've never spent to much time learning it. Learning web programing now though, hopefully I can use it to make some really cool stuff!